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About Us

Our company is considered one of the main suppliers of medical products in the state. Today the company is one of the pillars that the major manufacturers of medical products to retailers and direct buyers. Priority desires firm focused on the increase of drugs in all places across the country.


basic trust in the institution as a very serious contender in the field of pharmacy, have established very good relationships with well-known manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, those who can strengthen the implementation of the supply of medicines for high quality and honest relationship. At this time, the company has excellent partnerships with more than 3-name hundreds of companies specializing in pharmaceutical products, among them leading companies towns of Asia and the United States, Ukraine and Russia, but the choice of drugs has more than 7500 items of medicines a major focus of the company for priority suppliers exist:
- Ohvatyvanie largest market for drugs proven network of warehouses ;
- The development of all services provided to commercial organizations of our country;
- A large and daily updated database of customers;
- Permanent staff of the major professionals;


Preparation professionals an opportunity to come individually to the requirements of each hospital, to identify all the features on certain parameters, like a decent set of preparations, the specific funding value of the loan, the possibility of delivery schedule for processing overhead Deputy Commercial Services at all times control the observance of all assigned duties to the client company, quickly responding to all the disadvantages.

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